Solid Waste strange recycled items

Marianne Peters, executive Director of Marshall County Solid Waste District Management showed her Board of Directors some of the unique items they’ve recently received at the Recycle Depot.

Peters show an old-fashioned safety razor that twists open for double sided blades, a large Dick Lugar campaign button, a larger old fashioned key, a 6-pack of Grain Belt beer and a memorial plaque from the Kiwanis Twin Lake Camp.  She said they get a wide variety of items, some of which are not recyclable like personal effects from an attic in the home they purchased. She said there was a baby book filled with all kinds of memorabilia.

Solid Waster River WatsonPeters showed a picture of the new part-time employee, River Watson.  River is an Argos High School graduate.   He is currently working on his Bachelor of Science degree in sustainability and environmental studies at IUSB.  Peters said, “He will be helping recyclers at the Depot, helping bale recyclables, and doing general maintenance.”

Peters also had an extern, instead of an intern from the Indiana Sustainability Development Program which is a leadership program for students in Indiana who are looking at careers in environmental work. Emily Ogburn served as the Marshall County Recycle Depot extern this summer from May until August 2020.

Extern solid wasteDuring her time she produced a Zero Waste Handbook for those interested in more than recycling.  It has tips on how to reduce and use recyclable materials along with resources. Users will be able to learn about composting and ways to reduce their waste, reduce their energy use and ways to reuse their waste.

Peters said she hopes to have some of the handbooks printed in the near future.