Jack Jordan state RepHoosier families are stepping up in a big way and opening their hearts and homes to kids in need. With nearly 2,500 Hoosier youth adopted through the Indiana Department of Child Services in fiscal year 2019, Indiana ranks first in the nation for its increase in the number of adoptions from foster care.

This is great news, and those who work tirelessly in our foster care and adoption system deserve recognition. As a result of the increase in adoptions, Indiana received a nearly $5 million grant from the federal government to support DCS as the agency continues to help connect young Hoosiers with families.

Increasing funding for DCS, limiting social workers’ caseloads, allowing young Hoosiers to receive foster care services through the age of 21 and establishing an adoption unit within DCS is helping our most vulnerable throughout the state.

Every child deserves a safe, loving home, and I am committed to helping families who open up their hearts to kids in need. Still, there are over 1,000 Hoosier children needing adopted. To learn more about Indiana’s waiting children, visit IndianaAdoptionProgram.org.