County BuildingThe Marshall County Commissioners will meet Monday morning beginning at 8:30 in their second floor meeting room of their County Building.

Agenda for the meeting includes an update of road projects by Highway Superintendent Jason Peters, discussion of the Winter Preparedness Plan by Emergency Manage Director Clyde Avery and the request for a pre-pay from Ward Byers from Community Corrections to purchase a vehicle.  The Commissioners will also consider a request from Sheriff Matt Hassel to apply for a grant to acquire a FARO Scanner. This 3D scanner allows police agencies to clear roads 50% faster. The FARO Laser scanner can take accurate measurements, document the scene and get the road open faster.  All details are captured in the point cloud so you never have to return to the scene to take more measurements if new evidence is discovered.

Also on the agenda for the commissioner’s meeting is the County Attorney report, Auditor’s report, Commissioner Items and public comment.

The Commissioner’s meeting is open to the public.  Masks are required to enter the building and social distancing is requested.