Charles O Glaub park Dedication_2Approximately 50 people attended the dedication ceremony of the Charles O. Glaub addition of Centennial Park Saturday morning.

Master of Ceremonies for the event was current park board president Dave Morrow.  He asked everyone to close their eyes and reflect back to 50 years ago when the area everyone one was sitting or standing in was farmland.  He told everyone to open their eyes and see the vision that Mayor Charles O. Glaub had for addition to the park.

Morrow then introduced the Glaub family in attendance, the matriarch Chuck’s wife Helen, daughter Cathy and sons Charlie and Andy and his wife Annie, daughter-in-law Mary Pat and a “slew” of grandkids.

Charles O Glaub Park Dedication_1Morrow said Mayor Mark Senter made this a priority for 2020 to recognize Glaub for his vision and even mentioned it in this State of the City Address in January.  Morrow said he was instrumental in helping with the dedication ceremony along with Randy Danielson.

Morrow gave some historical details including, in 1916 the old fair grounds property was purchased by the City of Plymouth; in 1936 Centennial Park was dedicated after the WPA had made improvements.  Morrow said, “Ironically, in 1936 Helen Glaub’s grandfather Henry C. Fryeman was the park superintendent from 1929 to 1947.”  He went on to say, “In 1970 Mayor Glaub had his own vision to purchase the 78 acres east of the Centennial Park on the east side of the ditch for $52,000.  A federal grant from the Division of Outdoor Recreation was awarded.  The estimated total cost for the entire project was $418,000 including all the improvements we see here today including the roads, sewers, basketball courts, the baseball diamonds and tennis courts.”

Morrow went on to say, “Mayor Glaub had many accomplishments in his time as mayor from 1968 to 1987.  Mayor Glaub brought Child Daycare Services, Older Adult Services, low income housing for older adults, a new police station, the Oakhill Cemetery Chapel, a waste water treatment plant and he’s responsible for separating the water and stormwater sewers, which was one of his last accomplishments.”

Mayor Mark Senter read a proclamation honoring Mayor Charles O. Glaub by naming the Glaub Addition to Centennial Park which was his vision 50 years ago this month.

Charles O Glaub Park Dedication_3Morrow invited all members of the Glaub family up to assist with the unveiling of the new sign near the intersection of Plymouth Goshen Trail and Randolph Street.