2B Road Drainage 9-28-20The Marshall County Drainage Board has been working with Chris Waidner who lives at 2795 2B Road in the Donnybrook Subdivision for nearly two years on a drainage issue.  The Waidners have a drainage tile going under their garage and the tile is breaking down in their yard.  Waidner has been working on a plan to relocate the tile from under his residence with assistance from the county.

During last week’s meeting Waidner appeared in person with a plan that had been revised from the last public hearing August 17th.

The tile goes under 2B Road through Waidners property and into a pond on the property.  After months and months of discussions with adjacent property owners a new plan was created and then revised.  The new plan will require a large, well established tree to be removed from the Robert Bowen property.  The Drainage Board questioned who would pay for the trees removal, grind the stump and compensate the Bowens for the tree.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said since the plan had been revised it will have a different impact to the neighbors and there was no estimate of cost.  A new public hearing would be required.

Drainage Board member Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said, “This is going to go on maintenance.  We’re going to have to redo all this and send it back out to these property owners. I’m getting about over this problem.  We’ve had Commissioner Garner on this a few years ago, Commissioner Delp was here and we’ve got two new commissioners and we are still dealing with this. It’s been going on for some time now and it’s either going to get taken care of or it’s not going to be done, one of the two.  I as a board member am tired of this.”

A new route means new easements and new costs so the Marshall County Drainage Board motioned to conduct another public hearing on the Private Tile in German Township during their November 16th meeting.