911 Dispatchers Honored 9-2020Marshall County Central 911 Dispatch Center is the number you call when you need help, are in distress or need assistance. On the other end of that 911 call there is a dedicated and compassionate person who is there 24 hours a day, seven days a week and who gives up their Holidays and time with family to be available in your time of need.

On Tuesday, September 22nd the Indiana Statewide 911 Board Meeting recognized three of Marshall County 911 Dispatchers who persevere and showed their dedication as they handled two unimaginable calls on June 28th, 2020.

The calls originated this year on Sunday, June 28th, when 911 Central Dispatch experienced an unusual morning with two low frequency, high risk calls right away. Jim Budd a 13 year veteran, Sergeant Shan Jolley a 6 year veteran and Kyra Denny a 2 year veteran were assigned to the day shift and came on duty at 7:00 A.M. At 7:34 A.M. they received a call from a park ranger at Jellystone advising of a sexual assault that had just occurred. Officers were dispatched and were investigating. At approximately 9:00 A.M. officers requested an ambulance to transport the female to the hospital.

Six short minutes later, they received a 911 call for a female that had been stabbed. Officers responded to the residence and found the door barricaded. They called for the fire department to assist with entry. A few moments later, the officers called back and advised the house was now on fire. The suspect ran out the back door and led officers on a short pursuit and struggle but was taken into custody. The Plymouth Fire Department responded and put the fire out. The female victim was located but was deceased.

The suspect was transported to the Marshall County Jail where the suspect assaulted one of their staff who had to be taken to the hospital. Both these calls continued on into the next shift.

WTCA would like to recognizes and thank our local Marshall County 911 Dispatch Center as well as our Local Law Enforcement Officers, Fire and EMS.