Kylee Platz Speech for College Sept 2020 1IUSB Freshman college student Kylee Platz who is also a PCA at Millers Assisted Living was assigned a 3-5 minute “Get Acquainted” speech.  Because of Covid-19 college is different this year and all of Kylee’s classes are on-line but she still had certain criteria to meet.

She needed an audience of at least five people over the age of 18 and she had to record her speech so the professor could check for things such as eye contact and presentation.  Kylee thought what better place to get an audience than where she works!

Kylee invited five residents to attend her speech as she recorded herself on her computer.  Masks were worn and social distancing was observed.  Positive, constructive criticism was given to Kylee by those in attendance.

And we feel like we know Kylee so much better after listening to her speech about herself. Those attending were:  Norma Young, Patty Miller, Carol Carlberg, Quinn Chaney, Frances Byrer and Activity Director Cindy Flagg.  Keep up the good work, Kylee.