County news # 2During the County Commissioner’s meeting Monday, Sept 21st Commissioner President Kevin Overmyer said the County Council approved the additional appropriation of $1,350,000 for CARES Act projects and purchases in their special meeting Friday.  Commissioners reviewed and Indiana Finance Authority approved list of projects that qualify for reimbursement through the CARES Act.

The list of projects and purchases approved through CARES Act funding and defined by the commissioners included $30,000 for Continuity of Operations.  This plan that has been talked about for years will allow county government to continue the operations of their essential functions under a broad range of circumstances including any type of disaster or a pandemic.

Also approved was the $271,530 for a county morgue that will include storage for confidential records, $75,000 for COVID-19 rapid testing kits and instruments for the Health Department; $14,645 for air filtration vent fans for Buildings and Grounds; the commissioner’s streaming project for $21,771.60 and $383,377.50 for the Health Department’s Mobile Medical Unit.

The commissioners did not approve several requests for take-home laptops that could be used if there is another event requiring the county to close their offices.  The council also tabled the request for additional funds for take-home laptops saying a policy needs to be created before any consideration of the request would be made.

Clyde Avery, Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde told the commissioners some previously approved CARES Act projects were already reimbursed to the county in the amount of $85,614.59 as of September 19.