Plymouth Color Logo2014Members of the Plymouth City Council discussed creating a Human Resources position under the legal department in next year’s city budget.

Mayor Senter would like to create a full-time position and have someone on staff to handle hiring, background checks, random drug testing, workman’s comp and required reporting and paperwork and working with employees who need various types of assistance or handling issues.

Plymouth Clerk/Treasurer Jeanine Xaver was given a quote to have HR services handled by an outside company.  During last week’s meeting she presented some quick figures and said the full-time position would be about $40,000 plus $4,500 for a pension, $3,000 for Social Security, $663 for Health Insurance, $2,000 for dental, $147 for vision and $84 for life insurance totaling about $50,000.  Xaver said she was given a quote of $26,400 with no additional fees and a signed contract.

Currently an employee in the Clerk’s Office provides HR services but she is not certified.  Xaver said she not only handles HR but also payroll, work orders and counter assistance.

Councilman Robert Listenberger said he was in favor of a full-time in house position.  It was noted that the position is budgeted in both the Clerk’s budget next year at $26,000 and under the legal department at $40,000 plus benefits.

The Clerk Treasure said compliance is huge and hiring a professional company would be beneficial.  It was noted that HR errors were discovered with a recent audit.

Mayor Senter said with the in-house position continuing education and training would be included.  He told council members he would seek a decision at their next meeting on Monday, September 28th.