Hurricane relief_1Laura Mann and Kevin Bridgman from Plymouth have been watching the devastation that has been brought to the paths of Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Sally.

Mann said, “When the Plymouth community was devastated with flooding in 2018, folks from all over the country came to help our community. Now it is our turn to give back.”

They are working with a gentleman in Florida that is gathering and distributing much needed items to hurricane victims.  They want to fill a semi-trailer with much needed supplies and deliver it to Florida.

If you or a group that you belong to is willing to help, here is a list of items they are taking:  Bleach, Vinegar, Cleaning supplies

Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc), Paper plates, Plastic silverware, Small camp stove propane bottles, Bottled water, Gatorade, Canned goods, Quick meals, Gloves, Chainsaw bar and chain oil, 2 cycle oil, Diapers, Feminine products and Trash bags.

You can reach out to Laura Mann at 574-933-4106 or Kevin Bridgman at 574-302-7816 for more information or to arrange pick up of items.

Hurricane relief_2The semi-trailer will be parked on River Street at River Park Square this Saturday, 9/19 and next Saturday, 9/26 from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm.

They plan to leave with a full trailer on September 30th.

If you would rather make a cash donation, they will do the shopping for you. They can take Paypal donations to or you can also use Apple Pay to 574-933-4106.

Mann said, “The stories and pictures from this area of the country are heart-breaking and we can’t just sit back and act like it isn’t happening.  Please help us to make life a little better for these victims.”