DNR Historic PreservationThe Natural Resources Commission (NRC), during its bi-monthly meeting today, approved the addition of 57.12 acres to Elkhart Bog Nature Preserve in Elkhart County, adding to the existing 159 acres previously dedicated.

This action expands the area of protected bog and associated rare species by adding bog habitat as well as dry forest and restored sand prairie.

Elkhart Bog is a large wetland formed on top of an old glacial lake. A mat of sedges and sphagnum moss grew across the top of the lake, creating a floating mat of peat, plants, and plant roots. Flora of interest includes purple pitcher plants, bog rosemary, green adder’s mouth orchids, and winterberry holly. Sandhill cranes, spotted turtles, Blanding’s turtles, and marsh wrens are native to the area.

In other action, the NRC:

— Approved the Hearing Officer’s report regarding the Petition for the Establishment of the Turkey Creek Dam and Dike Conservancy District in Kosciusko County.

—Granted final adoption concerning amendments to 312 IAC 9, biennial wildlife rulemaking package; LSA #20-069(F); Administrative Cause No. 19-042D, which makes changes to rules addressing several licenses and permits but most significantly adds ruffed grouse to the list of state endangered species of birds and approves for the deer firearms hunting season the use of air rifles and air bows that meet certain specifications.

—Granted final adoption for amendments to 312 IAC 9-6, 312 IAC 9-7, and 312 IAC 9-9, biennial fisheries rulemaking package; LSA #20-081(F); Administrative Cause No. 19-037D. Included in this package are the addition of a variety of definitions for sport fishing equipment such as trotlines, and the addition of cisco and Western sand darter and removal of Northern brook lamprey from the endangered list. Also included are amendments addressing the bag, possession and size limits for black bass taken from Bixler, Henderson, Little Long and Round Lakes in Noble County and for saugeye taken from Glenn Flint Lake in Putnam County. Additionally, the package includes amendments addressing equipment for sport fishing on the Ohio River and changes to the daily bag limit, possession limit and size limit for walleye, sauger and saugeye taken from the Ohio.

— Approved final readoption of 312 IAC 5, providing standards for the use of a boat on public waters of Indiana; LSA #20-355(F); Administrative Cause No. 20-LE-003.

— Approved readoption of 312 IAC 9.5, providing standards for article that establishes an option to request an in-lieu fee to mitigate adverse impacts to fish, wildlife, or botanical resources for activities authorized in permits issued; LSA #20-410(F); Administrative Cause No. 20-FW-006.

— Approved readoption of 312 IAC 10, providing standards for the delineation and regulation of floodplains to decrease existing flood damages, mitigate future flood damages, and promote the health, safety, and welfare..