TGIF Argos Donato and GroupThis year events have been cancelled across the United States due to the response to COVID-19. TGIF Argos also experienced the impact. Val Harley, one of the organizers of TGIF Argos states “we had to cancel our June event, our crowds were much smaller for the events we did have, and we had to eliminate our children activities within TGIF Argos this year. It was not what we originally envisioned, but we made adjustments and were glad to still be able to provide these events for the community.”

As TGIF Argos falls on the second Friday of the month, this month’s event took place on the 19th anniversary of 9-11. The Elevate Argos group worked with the TGIF planners to hold a ceremony at the beginning of the event. Jon VanderWeele, a member of the Elevate Argos group, states “it was important to pay tribute to the day. It is essential we never forget and always remember what our servicemen and servicewomen do for our country, community and families.” VanderWeele adds “Indiana Senator Stacey Donato, who gave a speech during our ceremony, said it best when speaking to those who serve us ‘we honor you for your willingness to be there for us and most of all, we say a heartfelt thank you for your service.’”

TGIF Argos, an outdoors event, had over 15 vendors and two different music entertainers. In addition to Senator Donato’s speech, the 9-11 ceremony included the National Anthem sung by Christen Ellis, timeline of day’s events spoken by VanderWeele, presentation of colors by the Argos fire department, words of reflection given by Pastor Brian Trump, and God Bless America sung by Tami Brock.

Elevate Argos, TGIF Argos and the Argos Parks Department are already in the midst of planning future events in Argos.

Additional information can be found online and on the town Facebook page: @TownOfArgos.