Plymouth: 2
Glenn: 3
Glenn scored early in the first half. Plymouth countered with a defensive step up from center defender Jenna Abberger, who went to clear the ball but perfectly placed a loft over the keeper who came too far out to tie the score 1-1. Glenn got a break away and put another in to go up 2-1 before half. Again, Glenn came out strong and put one in early in half to go up 3-1. Plymouth struggled all game to connect passes and get into a good rhythm. Aubrey Vervynckt was able to get a break away and score to make the score 2-3. Plymouth was never able to convert on their opportunities, while Glenn maintained control of the game.
Next Game: Saturday, September 16th @ South Bend St. Joseph High School JV starts at 5:30 with Varsity to follow.
Record: 7-2 overall; 2-1 conference