Jack Jordan state RepAmericans will never forget the attacks 19 years ago on New York City and the Pentagon, and the bravery of those who thwarted hijackers headed toward Washington, D.C.

Today, we honor the lives of 2,977 men and women lost on Sept. 11, 2001, and we pay tribute to the brave first responders who ran courageously and selflessly toward danger to help save others that morning.

This Patriot Day, let’s pause, reflect and remember the lives lost in these senseless acts of violence and terrorism. In the days after the attacks, Americans came together to support each other, rolled up their sleeves to save lives and began healing as a nation.

A great way to honor Patriot Day is by donating blood. This is especially important right now because there is a critical blood shortage. Click here to find a nearby donation center.

To all of our local public safety officers and first responders, who continue to selflessly run toward danger, thank you for serving and protecting our community.