MayorMarkSenter2011_smallMonday evening during the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting, Mayor Mark Senter took a few minutes to commend the actions of the paramedics at the Plymouth Ambulance service in his time of need.

Last Wednesday Mayor Senter, Prosecutor Nelson Chipman and City Attorney Sean Surrisi grabbed a lunch to go and headed to the tennis courts in Centennial Park to eat.  The mayor said he could feel his heart fluttering and he knew his pulse was racing.  Senter said it’s happened a couple of times but only lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes.  This time the episode lasted about a hour and a half.

Wanting to get checked out he stopped the ambulance service and asked them to check him out.  At that point his pulse was 174.  Making the necessary communication with the hospital the paramedics administered an IV drug that stopped and started his heart.  Once back in normal rhythm he was transported to the ER at Saint Joseph Health Center in Plymouth.  Additional tests were completed and he was given a prescription medication to help the issue.

Mayor Senter said he feels fine but will be seeing a cardiologist in the near future as a follow up.

During the meeting he said, “I had a medical issue last Wednesday afternoon and I was just so impressed with our paramedics that took care of me.  They stopped my heart and restarted it and got me to the ER.  They are one fabulous organization.”  The mayor closed his comments saying,  “It turned out to be a good day.”