Veterans Parkway ExtensionTuesday night member of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission listened a Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi discussed the possibility of a joint City County project of extending Veterans Parkway westward to Pioneer Drive.

Surrisi said talks between the two governmental agencies have started. He said the project would happen only if both sides are willing to move forward with the $14 million project.

Redevelopment members were told TIF funds would be sought to fund the city’s share of the local match.  The project would apply for INDOT funds and if successful the project would be an 80/20 split with the city’s share being about $900,000. While the application process would be due in November, construction wouldn’t be until 2024 and 2025.

Surrisi told Redevelopment Commission members that the environmental reports were completed during the initial project.  He said they did the environmental all the way to Pioneer Drive but they would need to be updated, although it shouldn’t be a significant cost.