Plymouth Airport_28Bill Sheley, Plymouth Municipal Airport Manager is excited to see second year High School Aviation Operations students help out around the airport.

Ten second year students, all seniors, worked with Zack Davis Assistant Manager to re-paint the numbers on the runway.  Students spent about an hour repainting the “28” marker on the east end of the runway.  Sheley said this is the most used end of the runway.  He plans to have the students paint the “10” on the west end in the near future along with the 1,000 foot markers.

Plymouth Airport_10Sheley said, “This was a great project for the class.  We were able to show them the process for entering a NOTAM for work on the runway and discuss other runway markings.”

Sheley said, “This came out so good we are planning to paint the Threshold markers and the “hold short” lines as soon as the budget allows.”

The paint they use dry’s very fast and you can walk on it in less than 5 minutes.   Sheley said it does take a lot of paint to get good coverage.  He also said the true test will be how well it holds up after scrapping with the snow plow this winter.