Jack Jordan state RepHoosiers no longer have to pay local or state fees for five-year gun licenses, thanks to a law supported in 2019 by State Rep. Jack Jordan (R-Bremen).

He said the fee waiver applies to Indiana’s Qualified License and Unlimited License, which were previously only valid for four years. Indiana’s Qualified License is for hunting and target shooting, and the Unlimited License applies to concealed carry of handguns only.

“The U.S. constitution gives all law-abiding Americans the right to keep and bear arms,” Jordan said. “Hoosiers should not have to pay fees for a gun license that allows them to exercise their Second Amendment rights, and this is a small step to roll back some of the costs and move us in the right direction.”

Lifetime gun licenses are also available with applicable state and local fees, and additional hunting licenses for specific game are still required. For more information or to apply, visit the Indiana State Police Handgun Licensing Portal at firearms.ariesportal.com. The website may be unavailable when experiencing high traffic volumes, so check back if needed.

Jordan said the law also allows residents to register to vote when applying for gun licenses. The 2019 law also included civil protections for Hoosiers who use justifiable force to defend themselves and others, and allowing those legally possessing firearms to carry them on school property and at religious institutions.