County Park Board logoThe Marshall County Parks and Recreation Board conducted the second meeting since their organizing.  Members include Adam Thada of Plymouth and Brian Main of Bremen who were appointed by the County Council, Richard Markley of Plymouth and Greg Hildebrand of Culver who were appointed by the County Commissioners and Deb VanDeMark who was appointed by Circuit Court Judge Kurt Palmer.   Their meetings are held on the first Thursday after the first Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Commissioner’s meeting room of the County Building.

Thursday evening the board discussed, but took no action on setting up a bank account.  Deb VanDeMark said they can set up an account through the county’s general fund or they can create their own account with its own EIN number.

Member Dick Markley said when he was with the Fair Board their accounts were under the “umbrella” of Purdue Extension and issues came up.  He said there was less flexibility.

Members will consider a motion on bank accounts at their meeting in August.

Community support is the number one agenda item and the County Park Board is looking forward to engaging with the public.

Member Deb VanDeMark spoke to the County IT Department and they have created a page under Helpful Links with the names and contact info of the board members.  Member Adam Thada has also created a Facebook place holder for the new county park board.

VanDeMark told members she has been approached by multiple times from people interested on making improvements to the West School property.  She also said there are people interested in helping out on projects.

Anyone interested in volunteering or helping with various actions of the county park board can contact a member through the Marshall County website.

The next meeting of the Marshall County Parks and Recreation Board will be on August 6th at 6 p.m. in the County Building.