PHS_LogoThe Plymouth School Board met for a regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 2 as well as an Executive Session. No one from the public was allowed to be present at the meeting due to the COVID-19 restrictions; however, Superintendent Andy Hartley did indicate the restriction could be lifted for the July 7 meeting if approved by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. The public was allowed to listen to the meeting via a telephone conference type call.
The Board unanimously approved changes to the curriculum in various areas. The revised material had been selection by a committee of administrators, teachers and parents prior to the pandemic, but was brought to the board for final adoption at this meeting. The new curriculum does allow for one-one learning for both classroom and online learning.
The board also approved textbook fees for the 2020-2021 school year. It was noted that the new curriculum materials would not raise fees. Similarly, they approved lunch prices for students and staff and there will not be an increase over last school year.
Lunch fees that were not collected for the 2019-2020 school year were written off as a bad debt in the amount of $3,432.38. The bad debt will be reimbursed by non-Federal funding sources. If funds are not available from another source, the business manager will transfer funds from the Corporation operations fund or other State and local funding.
Superintendent Hartley said the 2020 graduation ceremony will be held on July 17th in the football field of PHS. If there is inclement weather, the ceremony would be moved to July 18.