TritonHighSchool_Art Mental health 2018The Bowen Center of Indiana recognizes that in these trying times our students, families and community members will be needing access to Mental Health services more than ever. As Indiana’s largest Community Mental Health Center recognizes this current need, the Bowen Center will now be offering Telephonic Counseling services statewide for all Hoosiers. As a First Responder organization, please feel free to use the attached graphic for families you may want to make aware on your social media pages or established communication lines as a means of making them aware of this new statewide opportunity should they want to reach out for help with ease.

Also, as the COVID 19 situation continues to unfold in our communities, the Bowen Center is keenly aware that the need for existing and new counseling is a continued need. Your area schools may provide a current Student Assistance Program (SAP) that offers those students free/prepaid counseling sessions. This SAP benefit is currently available by phone with the Bowen Center statewide. For parents to set up a counseling appointment for their children in the listed schools, please call 1 (800) 342-5653. More information about your area Student Assistance Program more can be viewed at this link.

Marshall county area schools that have Student Assistance Programs: (2pre-paid counseling sessions for all students- can be telephonic or virtual also)
Argos Community
Ancilla College
Bremen Schools
Culver Community
LaVille (Union North Schools)
Plymouth Schools
Triton Schools

Other nearby schools that have an Student Assistance Program: (2 -prepaid counseling sessions for all kids the corporation)
Oregon Davis
Knox Schools (High School only)
Goshen Community Schools
Fairfield Schools
Wawasee Schools

There are also skills coaching services available through the schools (Medicaid qualified) that is available and Zac Cook or Lindie Leary could help with that through the Plymouth office. We can also offer Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for traumatic events.