Plymouth Community SchoolsEvery year the Plymouth High School music department holds a celebration on an evening in May to recognize and honor band, choir, and orchestra students for their hard work and commitment throughout the school year. This year’s celebration was slated to take part this week on Thursday, May 14, however due to the nation-wide coronavirus pandemic the PHS Music Department annual awards ceremony was canceled. Plymouth High School administration, along with PHS Band Director Bryan Ames, PHS Choir Director Ryan VanAntwerp, and PHS Orchestra Director Jodi Kallenberg congratulate the following students listed below for their accomplishments and achievements.

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Choir Awards

Most Improved Freshmen: Shane Gaskill and Treyvon O’Leary

Most Improved Sophomores: Kayla Rios and Blake Bowling

Most Improved Juniors: Kameron Kopetski and Ryan Puglisi

Most Improved Seniors: Armando Chantea and Diego Garcia

Choir Teacher Aide Recognition: Hailey Casper (12), Mandi Daugherty (12), Katie Fisher (12), Katie Machlan (12), Ayanna Soria (12)

Senior Choir Paperweight Recipients: Dexter Ambrose, Sydney Cochran, Mandi Daugherty, Katie Fisher, Kelsey Kowaleski, Abigale Lee, Katie Machlan, Brenna Manns, Madilynn Morris, Alexandra Rodgers, Ayanna Soria

Art Becknell Rotary Scholarship Recipient: Abigale Lee

Director’s Award: Dexter Ambrose and Ayanna Soria

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Orchestra Awards

Most Improved Freshman: Madelyn Record

Most Improved Sophomore: Madison Voreis

Most Improved Junior: Makayla Wilson

Most Improved Senior: Andie Kizer

Orchestra Teacher Aide Recognition: Mitchel Dickson (12), Jesus Gama (11), Savannah Paxton (11), Abigail Nelson (11), Amalia Gonzalez (11), Jenna Justice (12), Cristina Shortt (10)

Senior Orchestra Paperweight Recipients: Elizabeth Lee, Landrie Mattern, Jenna Justice, Lauren Schumacher, Mary Hildebrand, Andie Kizer

Director’s Award: Elle Lee

Susan Bardwell Memorial Award: Mitchel Dickson

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Band Awards

Most Improved Freshman: Gavyn Ferman, Trey Hall, and Keith Thielmann

Most Improved Sophomore: Nathan Filson, William Kingston

Most Improved Junior: Alexandria Haas, Selina Zheng

Band Teacher Aide Recognition:
Alexa Esquivel (10), Selina Zheng (11), Jacob Payne (9), Jackson Bougher (10), Lucas Record (10), Steven Myers (10), Ellianna Schaller (9), Jacob Kowatch (11), Hailey Casper (12)

Freshman Band Service Awards: Tessa Hutchinson and Oscar De La Torre

Sophomore Band Service Awards: Anica Denney, Brianna Leary, Steven Myers, Lucas Record

Junior Band Service Awards: Michael Berg, Caitlin Eckert, Jacob Kowatch, Brayden Mackey, Jacob Mathews

Senior Band Service Award: Mitchel Dickson

Overall Band Awards
Richard Benefiel Memorial Award: Tessa Hutchinson and Jacob Kowatch
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Hailey Casper
Patrick Gilmore Band Award: Shelby Casteel
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Mitchel Dickson

Band Honors & Scholarships and Awards
Instrumental Music Hall of Fame Award: Zian Hansen

William Schemberger Scholarship: Hailey Casper and Shelby Casteel
Robert Pickell Memorial Scholarship: Hailey Casper
Art Becknell Rotary Scholarship: Shelby Casteel

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