IHSAA_logoINDIANAPOLIS – In a statement issued on Wednesday, the IHSAA has clarified the status of school-sponsored “open facility” sports activities during the summer months.

While Dr. Jennifer McCormick, State Superintendent of Public Instruction clarified that schools in Indiana will remain closed until June 30, the directive did leave open a window for a kind of return to normalcy in the summertime.
The statement from the IHSAA says:
“Provided there are no adjustments to Governor Eric Holcomb’s announced plans to re-open the State of Indiana, school-sponsored summer activities may resume on July 1.”
Traditionally there is a “moratorium week” observed around the July 4 holiday but the statement went on to say that, “…in light of the amount of time students have been restricted from school and contact with their teammates and coaches, the Association is hereby waiving (that particular rule) for the year 2020.”
The memorandum says that activities “…may occur beginning on Wednesday, July 1 and continue through Saturday, August 1.”
The open facility sessions must be conducted by the normal rules of the limited contact rules of the IHSAA meaning that all sessions must be conducted, “…on campus or at a site where home contests are regularly held.”