Marshall County Health Department logoAs we begin to open up and go back to work, we at Incident Command want to remind you of some
critical factors during the next two weeks. It is still highly recommended that you wear a face covering,
this will help protect you and others. As you return to work, make sure you are washing your hands
regularly, and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. As always, remain socially distant where it is
possible and as much as possible.
During these two weeks, bars, clubs, and gyms, these businesses are to remain closed. Restaurants, retail,
BMV, and essential travel are at 50% capacity. If you can work from home, you should. If you are 65 or
older, you should remain at home as much as possible.
Social gatherings should have no more than 25 people. Manufacturing, construction, and religious
services can open as usual, but must allow for social distancing.
As of May 11th, hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, spas, and tattoo parlors may open by appointment
only. Employees must wear face coverings, and work stations must be spaced to meet social distancing
guidelines. Customers should wear face coverings to the extent possible.
Boating, beaches, and shorelines will open as of May 11th but must adhere to social gathering policies.
 Assisted living/ nursing homes,
 Bars and nightclubs,
 Gyms, fitness centers, and community centers,
 Cultural, entertainment, sports venues and tourism,
o Museums, zoos, festivals, parades, concerts, fairs, sports arenas, movie theaters, bowling
alleys, aquariums, recreational sports leagues and tournaments, and like facilities

 Playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, and social clubs,
 Congregate settings for seniors, adult daycares,
 Casinos,
 Community swimming pools, public and private,
 Residential and day camps,
 Campgrounds, except for those in permanent RVs or cabins.