image007Fundraising Effort to Provide Food, Housing and Utilities Assistance to Marshall County Residents

Marshall County Crossroads, the volunteer regional planning group who brought the Stellar designation to Marshall County, announced they are mobilizing to raise funds for food and housing assistance for Marshall County residents.

Teaming up with the Marshall County Community Foundation and the United Way, Crossroads announces the Fund The Essentials campaign with a goal of raising $400,000.  100% of the money raised will stay in Marshall County.

“Following Governor Holcomb’s Stay-At-Home order has been instrumental in helping to mitigate the health risks of COVID-19, but it has imposed a real hardship on some of our Marshall County residents,” said Kevin Overmyer Marshall County Commissioners President. “The Crossroads team that helped bring the Stellar designation to Marshall County is working to support our great hometowns as they reach out to our neighbors in need.”

“The Stellar designation was awarded because individuals and groups from all walks in Marshall County came together with one vision to focus on making our great hometowns even better places to live, raise families and do business.  In the current environment, we think great hometowns means no one in Marshall County should go to bed hungry, and so we are stepping up” says Jerry Chavez, President of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation.

To kick things off, the following “Pacesetters” have made significant financial commitments toward achieving the $400,000 goal:

U.S. Granules Corporation

1st Source Bank

City of Plymouth

Plymouth Redevelopment Commission

Town of Bremen

Town of Culver

Marshall County Commissioners and County Council

Marshall County United Way

Marshall County Community Foundation

“Here at the Marshall County Community Foundation and United Way, we are thrilled to have the Pacesetters leading the way, and to have the energy and creativity of the Crossroads team behind the effort to meet the exploding need for resources” says Linda Yoder, Executive Director of the Marshall County Community Foundation and herself a member of the Crossroads ensemble.

The pandemic has put a spotlight on essential issues close to home.  Before the stay-at-home orders that idled the service economy, 11% of Marshall County families lived below the poverty line. 29% of Marshall County families lived paycheck-to-paycheck. This pandemic has only added to those numbers. Large numbers of people have been furloughed or laid-off locally.

Food banks are reporting increased need with a marked increase in first-time visitors. Utility companies have deferred disconnects for non-payment, but these are just deferments and will only delay the additional financial burden that staying at home has created.  Rent and mortgage payments will eventually have to be paid.

Marshall County Crossroads is asking for everyone to help and get involved between now and May 5th, the date chosen for a special global GivingTuesday for COVID-19 fundraising efforts. You can donate directly by going to the website,

Anyone that finds that they need assistance should contact Marshall County United Way by dialing 211 for questions regarding food, childcare, housing, utility assistance or mental health services. United Way of Marshall County can also be reached at 574-999-8900 during this disaster response period.

The need is urgent and the quality of life in our Great Hometowns depends on all of us. One Vision means no family goes without essentials. Marshall County Crossroads is ALL IN on Fund The Essentials, will you join us?


About Marshall County Crossroads:

Marshall County Crossroads is a collaboration of leaders from across the region that engages with and inspires our communities to connect, collaborate, and create high-quality hometowns. This is accomplished by creating healthy, livable, thriving, and sustainable communities that provide current and future residents of all ages, races, and genders the best hometowns in the Midwest to live, work and play.