Marshall County Health Department logoWe, at Incident Command, want to make everyone aware that they need to continue to use the hospital’s emergency departments in case of emergency medical issues. We realize that COVID-19 is taking everyone’s attention right now, but medical emergencies must be seen right away. Emergencies such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes are life and death medical issues and are highly time-sensitive. Please call 911 right away and allow the medical professionals to deal with the emergency. It will be easier for the hospitals to assist you in your time of need to ensure no long-term damage or death occurs.
Additionally, respiratory health issues can be emergent. Asthma and or breathing conditions due to open burning can be fatal. We want to make sure everyone knows that Open Burning is prohibited except as allowed in this rule (please note: if you live within city limits, follow your established city ordinances.):
• Only clean wood products (natural wood, brush, logs, twigs) may be burned. Wood products coated with stain, paint, glue, or other coatings are not safe to burn.
• Fires must be attended until completely extinguished.
• Burning can be done at private residential homes only, not at apartments, mobile home parks, or condos.
• Wood products must be burned in a non-combustible and ventilated container with enclosed sides and bottom.
• Fires must be extinguished if they create a fire hazard, nuisance, pollution problem, or threat to public health.
• No burning is allowed during unsafe weather conditions, such as high winds, temperature inversions or under wet/damp conditions.
• Burning must be done during daylight hours.

It is always illegal to burn trash and garbage, such as household waste, plastic, batteries, rubber, diapers, and painted or stained wood.
For further information about open burning, you may go to