Bourbon Water Tower_1For the second month in a row, the Bourbon Town Council used a digital live feed to allow patrons to view their proceedings. Council President, Ward Byers, indicated that the decision to use the online format was in keeping with the CDC and Marshall County Health Department recommendations concerning the Covid-19 precautions.
Although the Council members usually hear verbal reports each month from department heads, they were excused from the meeting, but did submit written reports.
Town Attorney, Alex Hoover, joined the meeting via phone. He asked for the Council to make a decision about the bond needed to cover the lease costs of replacement water meters. The bond would be for a seven-year period. Byers said the deadline is April 30 to have it closed and that the interest rate is low at this time. The Council voted 3-0 in favor of proceeding.

The council voted 3-0 to approve Resolution 2020-5 concerning a renewal for Public Health Renewal for seven days. It was also noted that the costs for personal protection devices purchased for the Police Department can be reimbursed when the receipts are submitted to the EMA.
CF-1 forms concerning tax abatements for Bates Real Estate and Harmony Leasing Corp. were received and approved. It is required that the forms be reviewed to assure ongoing compliance.

The hire of Laurie Johnson was approved at a rate of $10 per hour for a part-time building custodial position.
Byers said the town did receive a Community Crossings Grant for road repairs in the amount of $201,480.56. The various work to be completed is chosen by Road Assessment Management and not by the town. A complete listing of work sites targeted by the grant can be obtained at the Bourbon Clerk’s Office.
Although a quote for roof repair at the baseball concessions announcer buildings was on the agenda, the Council had questions as to the extent of the provisions and the matter was tabled pending further discussion.

Two quotes were received for the removal of concrete and river rock at the corner of Center and Main Streets. It was noted that the area is being used for more community events, such as the Farmer’s Market, and the area needs to be more “walkable”. The Council awarded the bid to DNR of Nappanee for $13,200. The second bid was from Hensley Concrete. Byers suggested moving a water source to the area for cleanups and that that source would need to be padlocked.
Clerk/Treasurer Kim Berger thanked local residents who are making facemasks for distribution at no cost. Although Berger did not name them, comments from the public listed them as Vicky Snyder and Rebecca Wampler.

Byers reported that the provider supporting the town’s website had passed away and the company was dissolving. He said he has had some discussion with other providers. No action was taken by the Council.