The PHS Speech Team won their 39th Sectional Speech Tournament in a row. This is the longest sectional winning streak in Indiana. No school even comes close to this type of winning streak. Here are the students responsible for extending this streak.

Brenna Large 1st
Fernanda Cortes 2nd
Matthew Hanzel 6th

Foreign Extemp
Fernanda Cortes 2st

US Extemp
Brenna Large 3rd
Matthew Hanzel 6th

Elle Houin 5th

Emma Kruyer 2nd
Anne Blake 3rd

Grace Cooper 6th

Autumn Baird 2nd
Sirena Renfrow 3rd
Ana Baca 4th

Cam Riddle 1st
Andrew Large 5th

Duo (Sweep)
Baird/Barker 1st
Robinson/Kizer 2nd
Faulstich/Kopetski 3rd
Fort/Filson 5th

Graison Ray 2nd
Nathan Filson 3rd
Faulstich/Kopetski 4th
Sirena Renfrow 6th

Elle Houin 2nd
Savanah Paxton 4th
Emma Kruyer 5th

Ana Baca 4th
Quentin Large 5th

Meg Robinson 1st
Brooklyn Brennan 6th

Alex DeJarnatt Humor and Prose

We said at the beginning of the year that this would be a rebuilding year as we lost 28 state qualifiers last year. It was not a rebuilding year, but it was a reloading year as 17 state qualifiers this year were in their first year of speech and we are only losing 5 of the 33 entries this year. We are a young team this year but we are mighty. We never back down from a challenge.

This Saturday we will compete in the National Qualifying Tournament here at Plymouth High School. In two Saturdays from now we will compete in the State Speech Tournament at Fishers High School.