Bourbon Water Tower_1

Bill Keyser, head of the Bourbon Zoning Department was named the town’s agent for the advertising to sell two parcels of property at 806 North Main Street. The house that had been on the property has been demolished.

Kim Berger was reappointed as the Bourbon representative to the Tourism Board. She has served in that capacity for almost eight years. Bill Keyser was reappointed to the Marshall County Unsafe Building Committee.

Bourbon Council members voted 3-0 in favor of Ordinance 2019-6 that raises Trash/Recycling fees from $14.82 to $15.04 as of January 1, 2020.

The unanimous vote on the Salary Ordinance will mean an increase in contributions from town employees on the insurance plan. Employees will now pay $20, $30, or $40 per pay period according to which plan they chose.

The Bourbon Town Council also held a short discussion concerning the need to replace 625 water meters throughout the town. The current meters were installed ten years ago. It was noted that a final decision has not been made and would be addressed after the first of the year.

Carol Anders Correspondent