Keith HammondsEarlier this month the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety unanimously approved the appointment of the City Building Commissioner to the Marshall County Unsafe Building Committee.

The suggestion of adding a representative from Plymouth was brought forward during the October meeting of the county’s Unsafe Building Committee when they were discussing a property on Manor Drive in the 2-mile zone.

Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi told the Board of Public Works and safety about the meeting he and Building Commission Keith Hammonds attended concerning the Manor Drive home.   The home is vacant and the property owners, who live out of state, have not provided regular maintenance or lawn care to the home and property.  While the lawn and bushes are overgrown the Health Department said there the home is not unsafe because it is secured and no one can get into it.

Surrisi said the city has attempted to contact family members with the concerns of the neighbors; they are not receptive to phone calls or mail.

The County’s Unsafe Building Committee felt having a representative from the city on the board would help to address violation issues in the two-mile zone which tends to be a nowhere area. The city says they can’t address problems because it’s outside of the city and the county says they don’t have jurisdiction because it’s the city’s 2-mile zoning district.

Hammond will take his place on the board at their next meeting.