525 becky savageBecky Savage, the co-founder of the 525 Foundation, will speak at Plymouth High School at a school-wide assembly in the varsity gym on Wednesday, December 4, 2019. Plymouth High School principal Jim Condon said the school wide convocation is not only open to Plymouth High School students and staff, but all Marshall County High School students were invited. Community members and parents are welcome to attend as well, however they must register by contacting Saint Joseph Health System Krysta Magee, RN, BSN. Magee, the school nurse at Plymouth High School is coordinating guest registration via email at kmagee@plymouth.k12.in.us and phone during school hours at (574) 936-2178.

The Plymouth Community School Corporation and Plymouth High School administration thank the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office for sponsoring this important presentation. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services an estimated 130 people die everyday opioid-related drug overdoses. Condon said opening the doors at the Dec. 4 PHS convocation for other Marshall County High Schools and the community is just one way to help educate and reach as many Marshall County people as possible about this serious and important topic.

525 FoundationThe 525 Foundation exists to educate teens and families and raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol and prescription drug misuse and abuse. The foundation was formed in 2016 a year after Mike and Becky Savage lost two of their sons, Nick and Jack, due to opioid use at a graduation party in their own subdivision. The brothers attended Penn High School, were overall good students and were both involved in athletics. Becky and her family now keep the memory of Nick and Jack alive by sharing the tragic story of what happened to them. On the 525 Foundation website, Becky is quoted stating, “We talked to our kids about drinking, but we had never talked to them about prescription drugs because it wasn’t even on our radar.” One of the foundation’s efforts is putting drug drop-off boxes in Martin’s to help get prescription pills off the streets. Equally important is telling young people and parents about what happened to Nick and Jack, with the hope this tragedy doesn’t happen to somebody else.

The CDC and Department of Health and Human Services state the misuse of addiction to opioids is a serious national crisis that affects public health as well as social and economic welfare.

To learn more about the 525 Foundation visit https://www.525foundation.org/.