Pacers Holiday gifts 2019Plymouth Community School Corporation is proud that Plymouth has been chosen as the Hoosier kickoff city for this year’s the Indiana Pacers “Basketballidays” annual statewide toy giveaway. The seven-city tour kicks off in Plymouth on Monday, December 2, in the Plymouth High School varsity gym at 9 a.m., where more than 1,000 elementary school students in grades K-4 will gather for an All Plymouth Community School Corporation PCSC elementary school convocation. Through a partnership with JAKKS Pacific, Inc., a leading multi-brand toy company, the Pacers have chosen the Plymouth Police Department to distribute toys to youth-serving organizations in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

The city of Plymouth was chosen for one of the toy distribution sites for having a rich basketball tradition. Former Pacer Scott Skiles graduated from Plymouth High and Trester Award winner Phil Wendel led the Pilgrims to the 1982 state championship. In addition to distributing toys while here at Plymouth High School, Pacers Sports & Entertainment also will donate 100 Pacers and Fever basketballs.
While no Pacer basketball players will be in attendance, two of the NBA Indiana Pacers Pacemates will be here Monday morning, along with their two mascots, Boomer, and Freddy Fever. Boomer is a 6 ft tall energetic cat, sometimes called the “Pacers panther”, who performs high flying dunks and dance moves and Freddy Fever is the mascot for the WNBA’s IndianaFever.

Plymouth Police Department worked with the mayor’s office to find good homes for the 2,000 toys that will be handed out Plymouth on Monday! More details on distribution will be released on Monday.