Plymouth Color Logo2014Monday evening the Plymouth City Council passed on second and third reading the ordinance fixing the salaries of elected officials; the Mayor, Clerk-Treasurer and City Council members for 2020. The ordinance approved calls for a 2.8% increase in salaries for next year.

Members also approved on second and third reading an ordinance amending the 2020 Salary ordinance to include a part-time position for the Aviation Department.

The Common Council also appointed City Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds to the Marshall County Unsafe Building Committee.  During the October meeting of the county’s unsafe building committee the group discussed issues with a property on Manor Drive that sits in the city’s 2-mile zone. This 2-mile zone is troubling for both the city and county with neither one having full control for violations.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi and Hammonds attended that meeting and during the discussions it was suggested the city have a representative on the board to help with better communication between the city and county.

The council unanimously approved the City Building Commissioner for the position.

The City Council also set insurance rates for 2020 for retires and employees shares.  They approved an increase for retired employees for dental insurance from $17.70 for an individual to $25 and for family coverage from just over $50 to $75.  Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver said the city ends up taking a loss every year with the current rates for retirees.   The remainder of insurance rates will remain the same for next year including the employees shares.