Bourbon Water Tower_1The Bourbon Town Council handled a number of items during their November 12th meeting.

The first item was to conduct a public hearing concerning the proposed increase for a fire protection surcharge or fee associated with hydrants. Fees would be phased in over a four-year period with the first fee for residential customers of $1.65 monthly and increasing the following years to $3.30, $5.09 and finally, $6.79. It was noted that the Circuit Breaker tax that capped property taxes has resulted in shortcomings to the town’s budget. The loss in 2010 was $29,000 and the amount increased in 2019 to $165,000.

There were no comments during the public hearing.

The council voted on the ordinance pertaining to the fees with a passing vote of 3-0.

The council approved entering into an agreement with the Triton School Corporation that will allow either full-time police officers or reserve officers to serve as Resource Officers at the school. The Triton School Board had approved the agreement during their meeting on November 11. Officers will be paid by the school corporation through a Secured Safety Grant.

The Bourbon Clerk/Treasurer will submit hours worked to the school corporation for payment. Although reserve officers cannot receive pay for their services with the Police Department, they can be paid through the grant for the services with the schools.

The Council did discuss some of the details concerning liability. Town Attorney Tony Wagner indicated that officers should receive training for the specifics of a resource officer as offered.

Carol Anders Correspondent