City NEwsMonday evening Plymouth Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver discussed receiving donations with members of the Common Council.

There were two donations on the agenda for the council to accept.  The first donation was $700 from the Marshall County Community Foundation specified for CPR equipment at the Fire Department.  The second donation was $2,200 from the University of Notre Dame to the Fire Department for services rendered at the CMA Football Camp this year.

Xaver asked Fire Chief Rod Miller if the Notre Dame donation was specified for anything in particular and he said no. She then explained that designated donations can go into the city’s Gift Fund and will only be used for the specific use designated by the donor.  The clerk said she recently learned that unspecified donations shall be receipted in to the applicable operating fund of the city department receiving the donation.

Xaver explained that the donated funds, when not designated will placed in the General Fund and can be used toward operating expenses for the department.

Councilman Don Ecker asked if the council could designate the donation to a specific use and the clerk said the designation must come from the donor.

From this point forward the clerk said any donation that isn’t specified will go into the general fund of the department receiving it such as police and fire unspecified gift would go into the General Fund while a unspecified gift to the park department would go into the Park Fund.