100 South Michigan StreetJamie Fonseca’s tattoo shop that was located at 212 North Michigan Street will move to 100 South Michigan Street after the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals approved a Variance of Use to the business.

Fonseca told the board his current building has major issues with leaks and he needs more space.

The Board of Zoning Appeals approved a variance in March of this year for the locations in the 200 block of North Michigan but since this is a new location and a tattoo shop needs a variance to located in the C-2 Commercial Downtown District.

During the public hearing a letter was read from Linda Myers at 106 North Michigan Street.  She asked the BZA to deny the request or table it.  The letter stated that the downtown needs businesses with a cliental that will be repeat customers.  That way other businesses may benefit from each other.

Fonseca told the board he has a large, loyal customer base with many coming from other communities.

The Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously approve the Variance of Use.