Indiana adoption month November 2019The Indiana Adoption Program and the Department of Child Services are partnering with the Indiana Supreme Court to share stories of children who have found loving and permanent homes across the state.

Each November, in honor of National Adoption Month, state agencies work to spread the word about children waiting to find their forever families. In support of this effort, the Indiana Supreme Court has authorized judges across the state to open their courtroom doors to cameras to allow the public to witness and celebrate adoptions being finalized. Most of these special events will take place on or around national adoption day on Nov. 23.

“This month is an incredibly important time to appreciate and recognize those who support Hoosier children by providing a loving and permanent family,” DCS director Terry Stigdon said. “Everyone should take this time to consider the gift of adoption to provide stability for the children who are longing for a home to call their own.”

In Indiana, there are currently more than 1,500 children eligible for adoption. Seeing hundreds of them go home to loving families is heart-warming for all involved, officials agreed.

“Indiana’s adoption day celebrations have grown tremendously over the past few years, and we are proud to fully support the happiest day in court,” Chief Justice Loretta Rush explained. “The Supreme Court allows cameras in court for these proceedings in order to share the special moment with the community.”

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