rees-option1The votes are in for the new branding logo for The REES that was established in 1940.  The theater opened with the imprint of a solitary R on a stationary fabric valance above the parting curtains announcing the start of the film or news clips especially during WWII with a message to buy war bonds.  After that time the highly recognizable marquee stood as its only brand.
Since The REES will operate as a multifaceted venue, it was decided that a logo using only The REES in an art deco design be used for promotional and printed items.
The option 1 logo took a commanding lead by over 300 votes cast by likes on Facebook, texts, phone calls and emails.  The solitary R was fashioned inside a circle with a stylish font for THE REES, giving it a subtle but classy look.  Many commented about making some minor adjustments and we heeded that request in the final version.
Keepsake items will be available for Christmas shoppers later this week.  We will offer laser engraved tree ornaments, slate coasters and glassware available at Simplee Stated Gifts holiday open house on Friday and Saturday of this week and throughout the holiday season.  These items as well as REES holiday greeting cards and t-shirts will be sold at the Marshall Co. Historical Crossroads Museum with all proceeds going to The REES Project.
Boonee’s Primitives in downtown Plymouth will be supporting The REES with a 10% give back during its holiday open house Friday the 8 th and Saturday the 9 th.