Wintry MixHere is the latest weather update from the National Weather Service:

Rain will mix with or change over to snow by early this evening, with minor accumulations (less than 1 inch) possible mostly on grassy areas.

A wind advisory is in effect for our area.  West to Northwest winds gusting to between 45 and 50 mph are possible by late this afternoon and into the evening.

Rapidly falling temperatures this evening will result in wind chills in the teens and lower 20’s.

There is the potential for some slick or icy road conditions especially on bridges and overpasses during the early morning commute on Friday.

The high winds may blow around loose objects outdoors which could cause damage.  Some limbs may be break which could lead to power outages. Slick spots on road surfaces may lead to an increase in accidents.

In preparation for the weather secure loose objects outdoor to prevent potential damage.  Be aware of the potential for slick and hazardous driving conditions.  Reduce your speed and increase your following distance