County news # 2Monday morning the Marshall County Drainage Board had to reorganize due to the resignation of Commissioner Mike Delp who served as President of the Drainage Board.  The board voted Commissioner Kevin Overmyer as President.

Marshall County Surveyor Craig Cultice updated members of the Drainage Board on the FEMA reimbursement from the February 2018 flood event.

Cultice said, “I believe we’ve finally come to the conclusion with our dealing with FEMA.  The pages in front of you show what we asked for you and what we got on each drain.”

The county submitted reimbursements requests on a total of 24 drains after the February 2018 flooding event. The total amount requested was $83,879.59 while the funding approved by FEMA was $37,681.95.

There were 8 ditches that received no funding from FEMA and Cultice said, “When I asked my FEMA rep why some of the ditches were not granted any funds, he said it was based if it, the ditch, was in close proximity to a highway so they would not provide funding.”


Overmyer asked if there was an appeal process and Cultice suggested the county just take it and run fearing that an appeal would delay reimbursement to the county even longer.


The Drainage Board was supportive of the surveyor’s recommendation to move forward with the FEMA reimbursement.