st. Michael robotics teamThis week members of the St. Michael’s Robotics team presented and made a request to the Plymouth Park Board.

As part of this year’s competition the team had to find an issue in the community and come up with a solution.  The kids, who are in grades 5 through 8 decided their playground isn’t welcoming to everyone so they want to add a handicap accessible swing.  The swing will cost about $15,000.

While the St. Michael’s playground is on private property, after hours and on weekends many neighborhood children use the facility as a public park.

The kids asked the Plymouth Park Board to consider financial assistance in obtaining the swing and or in-kind services of engineering, installation, excavating and the construction process.

While supportive of the project, Park Board President Dave Morrow said tax dollars are used for the upkeep of the city parks and tax payers would not look favorably on expending tax money for a project on private property.

The Park Board took no action on the request.

Following the meeting Morrow said local businesses are very supportive in the community and securing the funds to purchase the swing might possibly be done by student solicitation.   He also said they would explore ways to assist with the project.