Plymouth third in NLC tourney
SYRACUSE — Plymouth’s JV tennis team took a third place finish in the NLC tournament at Wawasee finishing behind NorthWood and Northridge.
at Wawasee
Team Scores:
NorthWood 23
Northridge 19
Plymouth 12
Warsaw 11
Goshen 10
Concord 8
Wawasee 4
Elkhart Memorial 3
Plymouth Results:
#1 Singles
First Round: Carter Snyder (Plymouth) beat Richey (Wawasee) 8-0
Semi-Finals: Carter Snyder (Plymouth) beat West (Concord) 8-5
Championship: LaCounte (Northridge) beat Carter Snyder (Plymouth) 8-1
#2 Singles:
First Round: Gongwer (NorthWood) beat Cam Shively (Plymouth) 8-1
Back Draw: Cam Shively (Plymouth) beat Bartolini (Elkhart Memorial) 8-5
Fifth Place Match: Cam Shively (Plymouth) beat Kizmanich (Northridge) 8-4
#3 Singles – No Plymouth Participant
#1 Doubles
First Round: Logan Sniadecki-Matt Manzuk (Plymouth) beat Nascimento-Wait (Concord) 8-4
Semi-Finals: Logan Sniadecki-Matt Manzuk (Plymouth) beat Kohn-Fiecleke (Wawasee) 8-3
Championship: Clickovich-Demintruk (NorthWood) beat Logan Sniadecki-Matt Manzuk (Plymouth) 8-1
#2 Doubles:
First Round: Peters-Crisp (Northridge) beat Zack Kellett-Nathan Filson (Plymouth) 8-2
Back Draw: Zack Kellett-Nathan Filson (Plymouth) beat Warsaw subs for (Wawasee) 8-3
Fifth Place Match: Zack Kellett-Nathan Filson (Plymouth) beat Warren-VanWarner (Warsaw) 8-6