REMC_attachments to polesAttaching signs, posters, satellite dishes and other objects to utility poles without Marshall County REMC’s consent could pose a serious threat to their linemen. 

Marshall County REMC linemen have reported utility poles being used as community bulletin boards, satellite mounts and even deer stands. Attaching items to an electric utility pole is not only an inconvenience to linemen, it also puts the person hanging the attachment at risk for injury.

Attachments like small nails and tacks place linemen in danger. A lineman’s rubber gloves protect them from high-voltage electricity, but one pinhole from a nail can have deadly results. 

Please help Marshall County REMC keep their linemen and our community safe. Don’t attach items to utility poles. Items not belonging to Marshall County REMC will be removed. Marshall County REMC is not responsible for any losses if an item is damaged or destroyed.