County News # 1The Marshall County Commissioners heard Dr. Byron Holm, the County Health Officer discuss the need to conduct a countywide study to better understand the issues with septic systems and the concern of contaminating the aquifer.

During Monday’s county meeting Dr. Holm said we need to better understand what exists in the county.  Having the information from the study will help make a decision on what is best for Marshall County.  The study will point out the areas the need work and help prioritize the projects that need to be addressed.

Holm asked to Commissioners to fund the $50,000 study and said when they move forward with a project the funds could be reimbursed to the county.

The study would be completed by Jones, Petrie and Rafinski.  Ken Jones said they could begin working on the study within 30 days and it would take up to 6 months to complete all the work and produce a report with the information.

Commissioner Stan Klotz said there are current issues that aren’t being addresses.  He said he’s head from contractors on time issues with permits and cost.  He said, “It’s a problem today that needs to be addressed.”

Commissioners Delp said former Health Department Director, Wes Burden presented an ordinance for consideration that began to address the concerns with septic systems in 2012.  He said, “He we are 7 years later and we are still dealing with it.”

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said the meetings he’s been attending with Doctor Holm has given him a better understanding.  He said, “I see the need.  We need to do this but do we need to do it this year, or can we budget for 2020?”

Commissioners Klotz motioned to put the study in the 2020 budget but Commissioner Delp said he was not supportive of the idea and motioned to asked the County Council to fund the study as soon as they can find the funding.

With no vote, Dr. Holm asked Tippecanoe Township Trustee Matt Pitney to discuss issues in his community.  He said there are five homes built in the flood plain that have failing septic systems.  He also said he was unsure of the situation with the homes in Blackford because they have no room to replace their septic when necessary.  Pitney also he’d been told there are some that may be pumping directly into the river.

The commissioners are supportive of the study and motioned to ask the County Council to fund the county wide study.  The motion passed unanimously.