Muckshaw Road tree downWith the storm that passed through early Thursday morning, utility crews and the Marshall County Highway Department staff have been working diligently to get roads cleared off and reopen.

Jason Peters, Highway Superintendent said the county highway will focus on getting roads open and cleaned off Thursday and start the cleanup process Friday.

With the amount of trees that have been reported from the public and Sheriff’s Department, all three pay-loaders and both backhoes have been out since early Thursday morning.

County highway crews with saws and barricades have been out clearing and cutting to make roads passable.

All area leaders have been running their areas (townships) helping to cover roads and report areas that require assistance from the pay-loaders to push off the debris.

Peters asks drivers to please travel with caution due to the possibility of power lines being down and also other limbs or trees that have been push off the right-of-way or are close to the road side to be picked at a later date.