County News # 1In a 2-1 vote, with Commissioner Mike Delp voting against, the Marshall County Commissioners decided to end the contract with Network Fleet management for GPS monitoring of county vehicles.

Commissioner Stan Klotz raised the issue during the time set aside for Commissioner Items during their regular Monday, May 20 meeting.
Klotz said that he had spoken with the new maintenance foreman and was told they are not using it. “I would make the motion to cancel it today, and save the $16,000,” said Klotz.

Klotz felt that if they trust the department heads that they should let the department heads handle it.

According to Commissioner Overmyer they would need to give the vendor 30 days written notice to stop the service.

Delp said he has been following it and is not done doing his analysis of the service. “I have been speaking with Jason, (Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters) about some concerns, I’m not ready to get rid of it,” said Delp.

When asked why the service got started Overmyer explained that it was part of a bigger plan to have all the locations of the snow plows, police cars and other emergency vehicles available to the 911 center. “So the dispatchers could see who was the closest person to the scene. It never got that far,” said Overmyer.

Klotz explained that the department heads should be responsible for the location and maintenance of the vehicles.

Delp pointed out that it is not just the highway department that was monitored but all the county vehicles. “I was told by one highway employee that there is valuable information that is gleamed from it,” Delp added.

Overmyer seconded the motion, Klotz and he voted to cancel the contract.

By Greg Hildebrand, Managing Editor Pilot News