PHS_Academic Hall of Fame 2019 GraphicSunday afternoon, Plymouth High School inducted 20 seniors into the Plymouth High School Academic Hall of Fame.

The event took place in the PHS Studio Theatre.

This year marks the 33rd year of the Academic Hall of Fame ceremony, which began in 1986. Recipients of this award must have taken classes in the respective department for a minimum of six semesters and have a minimum of an A average. Many of the departments have additional criteria for determining their senior winner.

During the ceremony, each student received an Academic Hall of Fame medallion. In addition, each recipient’s picture will soon be featured on the 2018-2019 Academic Hall of Fame plaque, which will be on permanent display at Plymouth High School.

Before the actual Academic Hall of Fame ceremony, inductees, their families, and Plymouth High School staff members held a small celebration in honor of the seniors who were being inducted into Academic Hall of Fame.

Recipients are listed in alphabetical order below:

Recipient: Jessica Baca

Presenter: Mei Guan

Area of Study: Chinese

Parents: Martha and Jesus Baca

College/University: Valparaiso University

Major: Secondary education


Recipient: Braeden Baker

Presenter: Ryan VanAntwerp

Area of Study: Vocal Music

Parents: Jana Reynolds and Joe Baker

College/University: Ball State University

Major: Undecided
Recipient: Rachel Bockman

Presenter: Gene Skirvin

Area of Study: Business

Parents: Phil and Becky Bockman

College/University: Indiana University

Major: Accounting
Recipient: Bryce Carmichael

Presenter: Regina Warren

Area of Study: WSOI English

Parents: Dee and Rob Carmichael

College/University: Indiana University

Major: Finance and business analytics
Recipient: Makena Carmichael

Presenter: John Johnson

Area of Study: WSOI Science

Parents:Eric Carmichael  – Renee & Matt Powell

College/University: Indiana University

Major: Human biology


Recipient: Levi Crawford

Presenter: Jane Faulstich and Dave McKenzie

Area of Study: Performing Arts

Parents: Timothy and Christy Crawford

College/University: Ball State University

Major: Theatre creations and education


Recipient: Josie Sue Edwards

Presenter: Amy Schmeltz

Area of Study: English

Parents: Tyson and Heidi Edwards

College/University: Belmont University

Major: Corporate communications
Recipient: Nicole Keller

Presenter: Amy Schmeltz

Area of Study: Publications

Parents: Chastity Keller and Kevin Keller

College/University: Butler University

Major: International business and risk management


Recipient: Mikayla Knepper

Presenter: Haley Church

Area of Study: Art

Parents: Amy and Rick Knepper

College/University: University of Saint Francis

Major: Studio art
Recipient: Jackson Lee

Presenter: Lindsay Moore

Area of Study: WSOI Mathematics

Parents: Tim and Jennifer Lee

College/University: Cedarville University

Major: Sports Business Management


Recipient: Alexandra Mathews

Presenter: Bryan Ames

Area of Study: Band

Parent: Sara Mathews

College/University: Ball State University

Major: Music education
Recipient: Elizabeth Mendez

Presenter: Delia Gadziola

Area of Study: Spanish

Parents: Miguel and Marcela Mendez

College/University: Saint Mary’s College

Major: Global studies – international development, Spanish


Recipient: Cam Mitchell

Presenters: John Barron & Curt Samuelson

Area of Study: Physical Education

Parents: Steve and Linda Jacobson

College/University: Army

Major: Motor Transport Operator (88M)


Recipient: Julia Patrick

Presenter: Ryan Rust

Area of Study: Mathematics

Parents: Laura Patrick and Paul Patrick

College/University: University of Michigan

Major: Computer Science


Recipient: Kaitlyn Renneker

Presenter: Laura Kruyer

Area of Study: Social Studies

Parents: Patrick and Christine Renneker

College/University: Indiana University

Major: Finance


Recipient: Celia Robinson

Presenter: Jacob Singleton

Area of Study: WSOI Social Studies

Parents: John and Sarah Robinson

College/University: Marquette University

Major: Audiology
Recipient: Mitchell Rose

Presenter: Rich Schieber

Area of Study: Industrial Technology

Parents: Mandy Metsker and Matt Rose

College/University: Trine University

Major: Electrical Engineering
Recipient: Julian Schwenk

Presenter: Jodi Kallenberg

Area of Study: Orchestra

Parents: Kathy Schwenk and George Schwenk

College/University: Undecided

Major: Undecided


Recipient: Anh Tran

Presenter: Lori McClellan

Area of Study: Science

Parents: Lan Tran and Lan Vu

College/University: Ball State University

Major: Pre-Dental Preparation


Recipient: Mackenzie Umbaugh

Presenter: Scott Michael

Area of Study: Agriculture

Parents: Jeff and Jennifer Umbaugh

College/University: Defiance College

Major: Ecology restoration