PHS_Rock Solid Award 18-19Jim Condon, the principal of Plymouth High School, announced on Friday at the PHS school wide convocation that both Thomas Tippett and Kelly Reinholt have been chosen for the Rock Solid Teacher Award for the 2018-2019 school year.

Tippett is a math facilitator who teaches learners enrolled in Project Based Learning at the Weidner School of Inquiry @ PHS.

Reinholt holds the title of Interventionist (LD), and works with a variety of PHS students in grades 9-12 who have or are at-risk for developmental delays or disabilities.

The PHS administrative team selects recipients for the Rock Solid Award each school year. This long-standing award recognizes members of the teaching staff who demonstrate the following:

  • Outstanding performance as a classroom teacher
  • Commitment to their students
  • The drive and passion for setting the bar high for all learners
  • The ability to be a team player and work well with others
  • An unbridled willingness to do more than what is required of them
  • Integrity as a teacher and role model

Plymouth High School congratulates both Mr. Tippett and Ms. Reinholt for receiving the Rock Solid Teacher recognition of the year.