Miller's_Bobby & christine 2019Bobby & Christine share a core belief that “music is to be shared”.  That is why they travel the United States sharing their two voices, 1 guitar, and many percussion instruments. Their sets feature well known Americana songs, some instrumental picking originals, lots of harmonies and fairly elaborate arrangements.You will hear a wide array of ballads and livelier songs from Louis Armstrong to Pete Townshend, from Woody Guthrie to the Beatles.

MIller's_Bobby & christine 2019 audienceOn their way back to their home state of Minnesota from an East coast tour they were able to stop at Miller’s Assisted Living and share some of their beloved music with the residents and their guests.  Their beautiful music and loving personalities make them a favorite among the staff and residents.


  1. Bobby & Christine share their unique style at Miller’s Assisted Living.
  2. Christine gets help from members of the audience:  Al who is a guest, and residents Joan Owen and Sandy Middleton.