NewsThursday afternoon the Marshall County Election Board certified the Municipal Primary Election that was held on May 7th.

County Clerk, Deb VanDeMark said there were no provisional ballots and no issues.  She told members all the ballots cast were counted. There were a total of 2098 votes cast on Election Day and a grand total of 2967 votes which includes the absentees.

The state now requires a new form that verifies the number of voters who registered to vote on the poll pads with the number of machine votes.  The results showed one discrepancy.

Machine Votes                 Poll Pads

Ply. West (Armory)                   311                          311

Ply. East (K of C)                      987                          987

West (Pretty Lake Ch)            385                          385

Culver                                        124                          124

Bremen                                     105                          106

Bourbon                                   186                          186

VanDeMark said there was one voter in Bremen that didn’t confirm their vote on the machine by pressing the red button.

The County Election Board also discussed the cost of the election.

VanDeMark said the costs have not been finalized but currently the amount is $23,091.88 and she suspects it will increase slightly.

The total cost will be shared by the city and towns who conducted elections and since the Plymouth Community School Corporation had a referendum they will pay a portion of the cost too.  While the amounts have not yet been determined, if you take the total cost at this time, $23,091.88 and divide it by the total number of voters 2,967 the per vote cost was high.